How to find us

We know the first time coming along can be tough but everyone at Positive Futures is warm and welcoming. We are located on the White Cross Estate in central Lancaster near the canal.

Positive Futures is on the canal between the White Cross Pub and the Hospital, on the same side as the White Cross Pub.

Positive Futures is next to Cameron House and can be reached from the White Cross estate car park, or by walking along the canal. There is step-free access.

Sadly there is limited parking but if you do park you need to register your licence plate with us within 20 minutes of arriving. Parking is free, but if you don’t register your licence plate with us, you will get a fine from the White Cross Estate so don’t forget!

Positive Futures is a welcoming and accessible space for all.

If you are struggling to find Positive Futures you can call us on 07930 436764 or 01524 587223

The full address is: 701, Cameron House, White Cross Industrial Estate, South Rd, Lancaster LA1 4XF